05 December 2012

MooJaa Thai Steamboat Barbecue


MooJaa Thai Steamboat
Venue: 625 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089132
Contact: +65 6536 4780
Opening Hours: Lunch: Mon-Fri 11.00am - 2.00pm | Dinner: Mon-Sun 5.00pm - 11.00pm
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MooJaa.sg

- The Shop
MooJaa literally means "my lovely pig" in Thai slang. Commonly used by couples who have put on a little of "happy weight" during their relationship. The owner got inspired by this name when he saw a lady rubbing her boyfriend tummy along a street and kept saying "moojaa, moojaa". He can't help but stop down and ask what does it means.

MooJaa Moo Kaa Ta means Pork Skillet in Thai and refers to the special cooking apparatus created to enjoy broth barbecue and hot pot at the same time.

Those squeamish about smelling like meat after a night out - don't fret (or sweat). MooJaa's in-table ventilation system prevents the smoke from even reaching your face. The fully air conditioned restaurant also makes sure you keep your cool for as long as you'd like.


They also have a private room that can sit up to 13 pax.

- The Food
Quality Binchotan Japanese charcoal is used at MooJaa to prevent soot getting into the food and turning it acidic from gas and generic black charcoal.

A trough of soup sits on a crock of charcoal, and a dome shaped grill is placed on the trough. This allows the smoke form the charcoal to waft up to the grill, perfuming the meats with some fragrant "wok hei".
A cube of pork lard is place at the top of the dome, and it melts into unctuous fatty goodness, adding a great fragrant and crisp to the meats barbecued on the dome.

Fish Skin
Crispy fish skin can be very addictive especially dip in their sauces that are prepared from scratch with 31 different ingredients. The sauces are made fresh weekly in small batches and involved 6 hours of non stop stirring. I can't decide which is my favourite, the spicy bbq sauce or sweet and sour seafood sauce!

All the ingredients are freshly handpicks by Chef News every morning. That explain why the meats and seafood are so tender and succulent. Best of all, MSG FREE!

Kurobuta Pork and Angus Beef are available to Moo Ka Ta. You might be disappointed that they don't serve luncheon meat or cheap hot dogs, instead expect Hokkaido scallops and Surimi crab sticks.


The soup base is brewed for 5 hours to create a chicken and pork bone broth that's tasty and light in the behinning, and turns falvourful and xomplex by the middlefrom all the tasty marinated meats, kissed with a smoky hint from the charcoal fire.

Thai Ice Tea
It taste very much like our local teh si.

- My Opinion
The soup base is light and tasty on its own and it get more flavourful by the middle. You might be hook and can't stop drinking it!

If you are looking for variety, I am sorry to say this place is not for you. They have very little variety and do not serve fish. At MooJaa, they choose quality over quantity. I love their cheese cake, cook them in the broth and be careful not to let the oozing cheese burn your lips. The spicy chicken is so yummy when you bbq them on the dome. Com'on and experience Thai Mookata in one of Bangkok's sois (street) at MooJaa!

Interested to learn Thai? Visit their facebook page (www.facebook.com/MooJaa.sg) to pick up 5 Thai word every week.


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