22 December 2012

Christmas Spiced Cookies


It's Christmastime! We all love the jolly season, don't we? Lots of food, shopping, gifts and beautiful lighting.

2012 is a blessing year for us. We received tons of small gifts from colleagues and friends, Fendi pouch from my boss, expensive champagne, good whiskey and wine from company, a good company Christmas lunch at a French restaurant and a happy gathering with family. What more can we ask for this Christmas?

We like to make this Christmas special for people too. It is nothing luxuries or expensive, but it is something personal. It is made with love, and love, and LOVE.

We made some Xmas spiced cookies, decorated and packed with one. They are cute, lovely, and yummy (i suppose) and filled with lots of LOVE~

Recipe: Christmas Spiced Cookies
Makes: 24 pieces based on 3" x 4" cookies size (smaller cookies size abt 2.4" (6cm, can makes about 60 pieces)

• 300g plain flour
• 50g ground almond
• 2g baking powder
• 1 tsp mixed spices (i use 2 tsp)
• 2 tsp cinnamon powder (i use 3 tsp)
• 160g unsalted butter
• 115g castor sugar
• 1 egg
• assorted colourful sanding sugar/decorative chocolate

1. Sift Plain flour, ground almond, baking powder, mixed spices and cinnamon powder together. Set aside.

2. Beat butter and castor sugar at medium speed for 3 mins until white and fluffy.

3. Add egg and continue to beat for 1 min. Add sifted flour and mix well.

4. Wrap dough in a plastic wrap and chill in fridge for about 30-60 mins, or until slightly firm but not hard.

5. Preheat oven to 160C.

6. Remove dough and roll out to 5mm thickness on a parchment paper (lightly flour the roller if the dough is sticky or re-fridge for another 15 mins). Cut out cookies with a shaped cookie cutter. Coat with sanding sugar/decorative chocolate.

7. Arrange on baking tray lined with baking paper and bake for 20 mins.

This cute cookies not only taste good but it will make a good gift as well.

I was quite worry about the "cheap" packaging, but glad that everyone love them. Had a hard time finding the right size and type of cookie bag. Wasted some money buying a bit of stuff here and there, but thankfully we manage to find something we really like eventually. I am sure we will put the earlier shopping stuff to a good use some other day.


Celestial Delish wishing Merry Christmas to All and hope you guys have a blessed Xmas like us, I'm sure you will!


  1. Hey Tam Chiak,

    I made your share but didn't get to meet you on Saturday. Couldn't rush down in time. ;(


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