20 July 2011

Wishing List - Rolling Pin

I happen to browse through someone blog and saw Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin from Pantry Pursuits @ Estimate S$52.

It's amazing as you can control the pastry thickness to either 2mm, 6mm or 10mm! I always have nightmare rolling my dough as it is a challenge for me to even out the dough/pastry to the same thickness throughout.

I have no more worry making pineapple tart if I have Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin!!

The Cuisipro Stay Cool Rolling Pin is very interesting too. It allows you to pour cold water into the rolling pin to keep the surface cool for several hours without condensation. This is perfect for buttery pastry or dough, making it easier and more efficient to roll than with traditional models. The added weight from water also means less effort and smooth rolling.

This is a great gift for your friends that loves to bake. Any kind soul that like to get me a birthday or Christmas gift, do keep this in mind. v(^_^v)♪

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