20 July 2011

Wishing List - Ariston Open Space Ovens

I bought my first oven in 2010 with the S$800 vouchers I won from my company D&D 2009. I was very pleased and happy with it till now.

But I have been baking a lot of cookies lately, I felt the oven is too small because I have to bake at least 10 rounds of cookies with a set of 12-20 dough of cookies. Gosh, it takes me a few hours to bake hundreds of them!

I have been baking a lot of cakes, and I can't go bigger than 10inch of square tin to share with big group of friends. *sad*

Not that I am complaining, I am very happy with the performance of my oven, small, strong, and great! But... who wouldn't want something better?

If I can upgrade to Ariston OpenSpace Oven OS 99 DPIX (estimate S$2099) I'll be as happy as reciving a 5DMark3 with a 70-200 F2.8 lens!!

The size is reasonably acceptable for HDB flat and it has a 70lt capacity which is 20% increase in space when compared to a traditional oven. The Ariston Open Space oven can act as 4 ovens in one such as multiple cooking functions, anti-touch easy to clean stainless steel, self-cleaning catalytic liners and an integrated ventilation system to make cooking in your home an absolute joy at any time.

The oven can be divided into two separate compartments, a smaller 20 litre on top where you can bake and grill and a larger 48 litre compartment on the bottom for baking. Both compartments have their own controls so you can actually grill something in the top compartment while baking another item in the bottom. It can also be converted to a single 70 litre oven by simply removing the divider, giving one big space that can be used to roast a Turkey or a Duck vertically.

Hopefully my husband will get me this oven one day... *wink-wink*

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