20 July 2011

Wishing List - Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

Okok, I know I have posted 2 wishing list earlier, but human are greedy creature! No? We are never satisfied and I'm sure you will agree that we should always upgrade ourselves and our gadget. ツ

My husband says he will get me a really good stand mixer sometime... Don't know when, but eventually the day will come.

Hubby strongly recommended Kitchen Aid as they have very strong branding for their stand mixer and a lot of restaurants are using it.

To be honest, I used to be a fan of Kenwood but now I'm favouring KitchenAid. Mainly, I am seduced by the retro design! They look much more attractive, solid and robust. I like specially the red colour, they look so cheerful and happy because of the bright colour. It will definitely bring lot of smiles to my baking venture.

But Kenwood is also sleek and gorgeous but only available in silver colour (titanium body). If you are considering Kenwood, I heard Major or the Chef is a good choice for home baker.

I will definitely splurge on this if my hubby doesn't get for me. However, if hubby is getting me one, then it doesn't matter which brand as long as I own one of these machine! After all there are no doubt in both durability and stability.

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