05 June 2013

Panasonic Cooking Workshop at Onaka Restaurant


If you still don't know yet, we are the 10 finalist list for Singapore Blog Awards 2013 Panasonic Best Cooking Blog!

Last Sunday (2 Jun), we are required to attend a cooking workshop/training session at Onaka Restaurant organised by Panasonic.

During the cooking workshop, 3 Panasonic cooking appliances were used (and these will be loan to us to venture. we'll be sharing our experience with you in the next few post, keep a look out for our recipes!).


The workshop was conducted by Sous Chef Benson Tong (left) and Head Chef Jason Vito (right) of Onaka Restaurant & Wine Bar.

Head Chef Jason showed us how to make an easy healthy smoothie ONAKA LIVING GREEN using Panasonic Blender.

Young coconut, pear, spinach and some other ingredients is all you need for this amazing refreshing delicious smoothie!

Yam Pudding that will be cooked, steamed, baked, everything in the Panasonic Microwave Oven.

Sous Chef Benson is "frying" the shallot inside the Panasonic Microwave Oven. It smell as good as it was fried in a pan!

Even the colour look so attractive!

Putting all ingredients together after they are cooked and send in the microwave oven for a final finish.

Ta-da! Yam Pudding is ready to be served.

Farmer Pie is also prepared and cooked in the microwave oven. It taste super delicious, we are so going to share the recipe with you, stay tune!

Steaming a Hong Kong dessert using Panasonic Rice Cooker.

In less than 10mins, the Hong Kong Style Ginger Egg Pudding is ready! Loves the strong ginger aroma, but a tad sweet for my liking.

Last but not least, Apple Pastille baked using Panasonic Microwave Oven. Loves the apples so much~

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The 10 finalist for Singapore Blog Awards 2013 Panasonic Best Cooking Blog

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A short interview with Omy after the workshop. Don't forget to vote for us!! ;D

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