23 June 2013

Apple Pastille Samosa


I learn about this recipe during the Panasonic Cooking Workshop a couple of weeks back. Beside the Farmer Pie, this is another recipe I really like.

The apple pastille is straightforward yet sophisticated, and is the perfect combination of crispy tangy fresh green apples underpinned by subtle flavours of woody cinnamon and gentle sweetness from sultanas. It makes a wonder dessert and especially good when paired with ice cream and some chopped fruits.

Recipe: Apple Pastille
Makes: 8 samosa apple pastille

• 3 green apples
• 40g sultanas
• 90 soft brown sugar (i use 75g)
• 60ml water
• ½ tsp cinnamon powder
• 30g butter
• 1 tsp lemon juice
• 1½ tbsp corn flour + 1½ tbsp water, mix well
• 1 pack of large spring roll skin
• egg wash for shinier crust (optional)

1. Wash, peel and slice the apples (we prefer with the skin on)

2. Mix apples, sultanas, sugar, cinnamon powder and water. Cook on high powder for 10mins, covered, stirring in-between,
IMG_7536 IMG_7540

3. Stir in butter, lemon juice and cornflour, cook on high power for 1½mins, covered. Leave aside to cool.

4. Preheat oven to 200C for 10mins

5. Cut 8 pieces of spring roll skin into half to make rectangular strips using a knife or scissor. Stack the sheets and cover them with a damp cloth to prevent them from drying.

6. Peel two sheets gently, be careful not to tear them. Cover the rest with a damp cloth. Brush a little melted butter on to the sheet, and put the 2nd piece on top of 1st piece, covering 1/4 of the 1st sheet and brush a little melted butter on the 2nd sheet too.

7. Place two tablespoons of apple filling in the bottom right corner of the pastry strip. Fold the pastry into a triangle to begin enclosing the filling. Continue folding triangles and brush a little melted butter on final edge to seal
IMG_7551 IMG_7552
IMG_7555 IMG_7556

8. Do the same with the rest of the sheets until the filling is used up.

9. Place pastry in the top shelf of the oven, bake at 200C for 10mins.

10. Glaze the samosa pastry with egg wash for a golden colour and shinier crust. Bake for another 5mins.

Recipe inspired by: Panasonic Cooking Workshop, Original Recipe use Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SV30

Easy, quick, beautiful dessert ready in less than 40mins including the preparation and cooking time.

In this recipe, we use a different microwave oven from Panasonic. This oven has similar function as NN-SV30 and it is smaller in size.
Panasonic Microwave Oven

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