10 January 2012

Paul Bakery Restaurant Singapore

Paul Maison De Qualite

Paul Bakery Restaurant Singapore
Venue: 391A Orchard Road, #03-16/16A/17 Ngee Ann City Tower A, Singapore 238801.
Contact: +65 6836 5932 Restaurant | +65 6836 1914 Bakery
Opening Hours: Restaurant: Daily 10am – 11pm
                         Bakery: Sun - Thu 8.30am – 10pm | Fri - Sat 8.30am - 11pm

- The Shop
PAUL is one of the most famous French bakery in Paris. They had opened a large bakery and cafe at 3rd floor of Takashimaya Shopping Centre next to Kinokuniya bookshop on 7 Jan 2012.

The bakery is separated from the dine-in restaurant and sell artisanal loaves which it's famous for their Flute Paul (French baguette made from dough that is fermented slowly), chocolate bread and croissant. They also have other savoury pastries, sandwiches and cakes.

The 120 seater restaurant is all stylish French inspired decor with chandeliers and plush sofa chairs. They serve an all day dining menu, serving simple French café food such as sandwiches, soups, salad, quiches, and crepes. If you are lucky, you may get a table by the big windows overlooking Orchard Road.

- The Food
Special Iced Tea of The Moment - Raspberry @ $5.80
Raspberry Tea

Nothing extraordinary.

Salmon Sauce Vierge @ $23.90
Pan fried salmon fillet with olive sauce served with rice and Provencal vegetables (tomatoes, red and green peppers, onions cooked with spices and herbs).
Saumon Sauce Vierge @ $23.90

Connie felt the salmon is not flavorsome and overcooked. Even after adding a few dashes of salt it still didn't bring out the flavor. The sauteed vegetables was ok.

Paillasson Champignon @ $19.90
Sauteed mushrooms with gralic, shallots and parsley.
Paillasson Champignon @ $19.990

Their traditional potato pancake is baked to perfection and has a nice crisp. The garniture is delicious and savory. This is the best and perfect dish, lucky Shareen.

Crepe Champignons $16.90
Sauteed mushrooms with gralic, shallots and parsley.
Crepe Champignons $16.90

The delicate thin pancakes in a French version can be softer and tastier. The sauteed mushroom is bland, stingy on the salad dressing for the salad and Provencal tomatoes. I am a mushroom lover and i am disappointed.

Tartine Poulet Marine $17.90
Chicken marinated in lemon and tarragon, fresh tomatoes and cream. (served warm)
Tartine Poulet Marine $17.90

A delicious slice of freshly baked country bread but it's too hard that Shela had to use her hand to eat as the knife just couldn't cut it. The marinated chicken taste good but PAUL, Dubai is better. It's also served with a seasonal side salad.

- My Opinion
This French bakery-restaurant may have a big sitting capacity but its too cramp. Tables were so closed that only ONE person can bypass at a time. The crews seem to be a little confuse and everyone is rushing here and there.

Be prepared to queue if you are dining in during lunch/dinner without a reservation. We waited for almost 10-15min before we were given a seat even we are first in queue. All the staff were too busy serving and taking order that no one has the time to bring us in.

I will definitely be back to try their bakery and will request to sit outdoor area. I heard the most popular dish so far is Piece de Boeuf ($24.90) - beef sirloin with salad, fried potatoes and shallots. The Paillasson Champignons ($19.90) - a buttery and slightly crispy rosti topped with plump, juicy brown mushrooms and served with salad was a hit too. So was the Chocolate Millefeuille ($6.80) - layers of chocolate cream between fluffy pastry. - recommended by Simply Her.

Again, thank you girlfriends for spending the evening with me..


  1. don't you find the food here so overpriced for such mediocre quality and taste?i ate it once and never went back :(

  2. Hi Adel,

    I think for the serving size, yes, may be a little overprice. But if the quality is there, then its value for money. So I guess it depend how much one likes their food. For me, I never went back after this visit as the quality and taste wasn't what I expected. But others may beg to differ ;)

  3. Three of us staying at the hotel across the street were encouraged by the desk receptionist to dine there. Quiet on a Weds eve but we all enjoyed great entrees and mains along with a nice wine. Moroccan carrot soup is super. Crusty herb bread great. Swordfish special, rack of lamb and duck dishes were unique and delectable. Blueberry bread.


  4. Glad that you enjoyed yourself but I am doubtful that we had visited the same place.


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