09 January 2012

Bistro Petit Salut

Bistro Petit Salut

Bistro Petit Salut
Venue: 44 Jalan Merah Saga, #01-54 Chip Bee Gardens, Singapore 278116
Contact: +65 6474 9788
Opening Hours: Lunch : 1130hrs-1430hrs (Last order) | Dinner : 1830hrs-2230hrs (Last order) | Closed on Sunday
Website: http://www.aupetitsalut.com/

- The Shop
Bistro Petit Salut is typical of many French bistros, a place to go for quick and casual meal and is a sister restaurant of the high-end dining Au Petit Salut.

The set Lunch was affordable and I am impressed by the options available. The 3-course set lunch at $28++ offers a selection of 6 choices from each course and
the executive set lunch at $38++ offers a selection of 2 choices from each course.

We ordered 2 sets of 3-Course Set Lunches with different choices.

- The Food
Grilled Marinated Baby Octopus Served with Couscous Salad, Basil Dressing
Grilled Marinated Baby Octopus Served with Couscous Salad

I like the rich marinated baby octopus, it is not overly sweet and is grilled to the right consistency. The basil dressing has a little sweetness and go really well with the Couscous Salad - very appetising indeed.

Half Dozen Baked Burgundy Snails with Tomatoes and Garlic Butter
Half Dozen Baked Burgundy Snails

The intense flavor of the hot garlic butter and tomatoes with escargots is delicious. This delicacy is served out of their shells in portions of six. If only there are more crushed garlic... It will be heaven!

"Minute" Onglet Beef with French Mustard Jus & Mashed Potato
Minute Onglet Beef with French Mustard Jus & Mashed Potato

Onglet (French) is also know as Hanger steak. It is the least expensive "cut" of steak, usually because it is made of lower grade meat. A beef cut which “hangs” from the diaphragm, below the ribs of the steer, which is essentially an extension of the tenderloin.

It a tempting main course even it's not a steak. It has the chewy tenderness finishes with a savory and subtle almost offal-like flavor.

Seafood Risotto with Light Cream Emulsion, Parmesan Cheese
Seafood Risotto

This is my first time trying Risotto and I don't really know how to appreciate it. The cheesiness and viscosity of the cheese is a too strong for me although I don't dislike cheese.

Chocolate & Pear Mousse Cake, Crème Anglaise
Chocolate & PEar Mousse Cake

These are scrumptious, so perfect with the pear bites & crème anglaise (French for "English cream").

Choux Buns with Vanilla Ice Cream, Warm Chocolate Sauce and Sliced Almonds
Choux Buns with Vanilla Ice Cream

It's just choux buns filled with vanilla ice cream and drenched in chocolate sauce, it is nothing extraordinary.

- My Opinion
I must say they have good ambience, fresh quality food, efficient and attentive service. But the portion may be small for some guys, you can always order a la carte dish if you are not full.

If you are just looking for no-frills authentic French food, Bistro Petit Salut would be a good choice and is friendlier on the wallet.

Maureen & Me

Thank you Maureen for the truly splendid dining experience. You started my birthday eve great and sweet!

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