09 January 2012

Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar

Covelli Italian Bistro

Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar
Venue: 181 Orchard Road, #B2-13/22 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896.
Contact: +65 6238 6400
Opening Hours: Daily 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Website: www.covelli.com.sg/

- The Shop
Located in the basement of Orchard Central, Covelli is a authentic Italian Cuisine with a new twist. They have a wide range of thin crust pizzas, pastas, meats, desserts and more.

The casual chic bistro is decorated with white tables, stone walls, mood lighting and a cosy ambience that will definitely keep you unwind for a hearty meal.

The wine bar is tugged at the corner of the basement opp Convelli. They also have a women's apparel store - ESYE with apparels ranging from casual outfits to evening dresses and accessories like jewelleries and bags.

Conveniently you can spoil yourself at the bistro, wine bar and fashion boutique.

- The Food
Querceto Chianti Docg 2009 @ $12/glass or $58/bottle (House wine - Red)
Brillant ruby red. A youthful wine with scents of ripe fruits. Medium body, vinous, lightly tannic. Good with Pasta and White meat.

The medium body wine taste pleasingly fruity with a graceful clean finish. It's not dry to the throat and has a nice delicate and appealing scents. Both Shela and I enjoy the wine.

They have promotion 1-for-1 house wine every night. Do check with the crew before you order.

Lychee Smash @ $12
Lychee crushed with lime juice, mint leaves and ginger ale
Lychee Smash @ $12

Shareen chose to have a non alcohol drink as she is having a bad cough and she is in love with it.

Portobello Mushroom @ $14
Baked with fresh Tomato, Buffalo Mozzarella and Basil topped with a small bouquet of Mesclum Mix Salad and Balsamic Reduction
Portobello Mushroom @ $14

Oh yeah, this is my favorite dish of the night! The juicy portabella mushroom is beefy and hearty. The balsamic reduction vinegar is intensely flavored, together with the mix greens it's absolutely scrumptious!

Prosciutto Rucola @ $18
Thin crust Pizza spread with homemade Tomato Sauce, Oregano, Basil and shredded Mozzarella topped with sliced Parma Ham & Arugula
Prosciutto Rucola @ $18

We love the dry-cured paper-thin prosciutto (Italian ham) thou its a little salty. The arugula has bold flavors - a little tangy zesty flavor, bitter and spicy (peppery taste) to some.

The pizza is ordinary to us. Maybe if the crust is thinner and with more tomato sauce will be better. I prefer the pizza at Skinny Plaza located at the basement of Raffles City.

Filetto di Manzo @ $32
Beef Tenderloin with Butternut Pumpkin puree and Vegetables with your choice of Gorgonzola or Black Pepper Sauce
Filetto di Manzo @ $32

Gorgonzola (Italian blue cheese) or Black Pepper? The staff solve our agony by offering to have both sauce serve at the side. The black pepper sauce is tasty on its own but felt the overly strong pepper will kill the original flavor of the beef. Surprisingly the blue cheese is mild and do not smell downright awful. I love the Butternut pumpkin puree, its tastier than both the sauce given.

My girlfriends think the tenderloin is juicy and tender but I beg to differ. It taste dry and a little tough to me. Maybe because I am used to medium rare and we had ordered medium well.

Pasta al Frutti Di Mare @ $29
Italian pasta with Prawns, Scallops, Calamari, ½ Slipper Lobster, Fish, Mussels & Clams with your choice of Tomato Sauce / White Wine / Aglio Olio / Squid Ink (Pasta Choice: Linguine, Fettuccine, Penne, Spaghetti, Tagliatelle)
Pasta al Frutti Di Mare @ $29

We had linguine pairing white white. The seafood are fresh but nothing spectacular. Something is missing in the sauce and Shela thinks the presentation of the pasta can be better. Both of us prefer the pasta at Pasta Inc (another authentic flavors of Italian cuisine).

Chocolate Cupcake
Chocolate Cupcake

Shela has secretly arrange with the PR Manager to for a little delicious treat for me. I was caught off guard when the Bar Manager and one of the staff bring the cupcake with candles and a cocktail drink to our table singing Happy Birthday. What can I say about my lovely friend.

Screaming for Love Affair
Screaming for Love Affair

This is their promotion drink for February in celebration of Valentine's Day. I have the honor to taste it first - on the house! It taste like strawberry milk with liquor. It's unique and tasty.

The Bar Manager wish me "Happy Birthday, wishing you A String of Love Affair!" Haha... I jokingly asked him if there will be a string of guys queuing outside the restaurant after our dinner. And he answered back "I Hope So!". LOLz

- My Opinion
Ask for inner seat as it is more enclosed and it's facing the outdoor water fountain which make the ambience more cosy. But the inner seat are more bright compare to the dimmer light outside.

They have interesting musics that kill the ambience. There were retro songs like Bananarama, Belinda Carlisle, Songs from Justin Bieber, Hip Hop... With the right music, it will make the place more awesome.

Thank you girls for the birthday treat. You girls are awesome and I truly enjoy the night with you.
Awesome Treats

After dinner, we had some vain shot outside Orchard Central.

Shela & Me

Shareen & Me

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