03 October 2012

NESTUM 3in1 Fruits Cereal Drink


NESTUM® Launches First Ever Healthy and Nutritinus 3in1 Fruits Cereal drink with Real Fruit Bits


For a burst of freshness and great digestive health, consumers can now look to NESTUM® Fruit Cereal Drink. The first ever hot cereal drink that contains real fruit bits and beetroot juice which satisfies hunger moments in a wholesome way. Suitable as a quick nutritious breakfast beverage or a satisfying low fat snack between meals, one sachet of NESTUM® 3in1 Fruits Cereal Drink provides you with up to 14% of your required daily fibre intake. Busy Working adults can now drink to natural wellness and health even as they are constantly on the go!

Increasing digestive health concerns
Did you know 55% of women in the world clairn to suffer irorn digestive disorders such as constipation, bloating and heartburn. In addition, a recent article by The Straits Times’ Mind Your Body earlier this year reported that 1 in 4 in Singapore experience digestion and bowel problems!

It is therefore no surprise that more people - younger women in particular, are starting to pay an increasing amount of attention to their digestive health. In tact, a 2011 survey by Daatamonitor shows that 35% of consumers now display either very high or high attentiveness to their digestive health.

Drinking to Weilness with NESTUM® 3in1 Fruits Cereal Drink
Good digestion is the foundation to great health. The new premium NE5TUM® 3in1 Fruits Cereal Drink contains whole grains - an essential part of a nutritious diet - which are packed with fibre, prebiotics and oligofructose which aids
in promoting the growth of good Bifidus bacteria to help maintain a healthy digestive system. Plus, the new premium formula gives three times higher fibre content than the original 3in1 cereal drink and is low in fat and sugar.

Available in three fruity flavours - Apple & Original, Apple & Honey and Apple & Orange, there is something suitable for everyone. The Apple & Original flavour contains frozen pieces of apple with original flavour from NESTUM®'s basic 3in1 range while the Apple & Honey contains frozen pieces of apple with honey flavour in the cereal base on top of the beetroot juice. Lastly, the Apple & Orange flavour contains frozen pieces of apple and orange.

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One can now enjoy the natural goodness of Whole grain cereal and real fruits all at once with NESTUM® 3in1 Fruits Cereal Drink!


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