17 October 2012

Buffet Town (A Nyonya Food Affair)


Buffet Town - A Nyonya Food Affair
Venue: 252 North bridge Road, #B1-44E Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103
Contact: +65 6837 3793
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am - 3.00pm | 6.00pm - 10.30pm
Pricing: Lunch (Mon-Fri):                            Adult @ $24.80++ | Child @ $17.80++
             Lunch (Sat, Sun, Eve of and PH:  Adult @ $ 29.80++ | Child @ $17.80++

             Dinner (Mon-Thu):                         Adult @ $34.80++ | Child @ $20.80++
             Dinner (Fri-Sun, Eve of and PH:   Adult @ $39.80++ | Child @ $20.80++
*Child (6 to 12 years old)

Website: www.buffettown.com.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BuffetTownSG

- The Shop
Buffet Town is open in the heart of Singapore at Raffles City Shopping Centre. Bringing more than 300 buffet items over 29 item categories for everyone to experience the joy of eating without boundaries.

Having a seating capacity of 450, diners do not have to wait too long to relish in their food.
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Once in, you can expect unlimited portions of succulent seafood, chilled prawns and mussels, big and juicy freshly shucked oysters, fresh sashimi, local delights and a lot more Hotel Quality Food but at a Fraction of the Price!


Buffet Town continues to lure and spice things up with yet another theme buffet launch on the 10 September 2012 (till 31 Oct 2012). The themed buffet A Nyonya Food Affair provides diners a different dining experience.

- The Food
Diners will be able to enjoy and indulge in nostalgic ambiance as part of the restaurant is decorated and transformed into Little Peranakan style.


A Nyonya Food Affair counter serves an array of Nyonya delicacies including Appetizer, soup, side, main and dessert.



One can expect to savour a satisfying Nyonya meal with the refreshing appetizers
Sambal Timun Nanas, Achar Achar, Papaya Pickle

Popular sides - Kueh Pie Tee
Thin and crispy shell with filled with a mixture of delicious veggie.

Babi Pongteh (Braised Pork), Otak-otak Pangang, Ngoh Hiang

Nyonya Chap Chye

Itek Tim
The Peranakans call it itek tim, but every one knows it as salted mustard duck soup. The intense flavour of the salted mustard and duck was very satisfying and hearty without being overly salty. The duck meat was delightfully tender and succulent too.

Nyonya Mee Siam
The rice vermicelli was served with a touch of chilli accompanied with egg, beansprouts and fried beancurd strips. The zesty flavour was deliciously wow. I missed this type of kampong taste that I had during my childhood days.

Nyonya Curry Chicken

Nyonya dessert

The above are for promotion period till 31 Oct 2012, and the below international menu are served daily.

Fresh seafood (I love the prawns, so fresh, succulent and sweet!)

Fat Juicy Oysters

Sashimi was fresh

Tender juice chicken meat, sauce was a tad spicy, creamy and a little sweetness that comes from fresh pineapple juice. Mutton meat was less tender and more chewy compare to chicken satay.


Tempura here tastes mighty good. Crispy, light batter.


Waffle with Ice Cream

Freshly brew coffee and tea

- My Opinion
I am sure folks will be trilled with the Nyonya Food Affair and the young for the international food. A great family eat-out place for everyone!

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  1. I am interested to hire restaurants from that affair to cater for children healthy eating. Everyone enjoys eating food but it will be more fun if we don’t have any worries that it can cause something bad on us because the food that are being served are nutritious.


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