18 November 2009

Pork wrapped with Golden Mushroom

Pork wrapped with Golden Mushroom

I love Pork wrapped with Golden Mushroom!! Finally found the recipe online and tried it. How it taste will depend on the sauce you use, so pick your sauce carefully. Do not overcooked the pork unless you like tough meat.

Ingredients (20+ pieces):
• 300g - 400g Pork Belly (thinly-sliced packed, available from Meidi-ya Supermarket, Isetan Supermarket, some Cold Storage/Jasons outlets.) (u can rereplace with bacon as well)
• 2 - 3 packets Enoki Golden Mushroom
• Barbeque Sauce Ginger 生姜焼のたれ (Ebara brand 230g bottle, available from Meidi-ya Supermarket, Isetan Supermarket) or Teriyaki Sauce or any other meat marinates

1. Marinate the pork belly slices using the barbeque/teriyaki sauce for at least 1/2 hour

2. Place 2 slices of marinated pork belly horizontally to each other

3. Place some golden mushroom perpendicular to the pork slices

4. Roll the pork belly wrapping the golden mushroom

5. Cut the pork wrap with golden mushroom into 2 pieces

6. Heat some oil in a cooking pan, over medium fire

7. Once oil is heated, place the pork wraps into the pan

8. Turn the wraps once they are browned

9. Once meat and golden mushroom are cooked, serve hot

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