11 November 2009

French Beans with Dried Shrimp

French beans with Dried shrimp

This is one of our favourite dish from the Zhi Char store. Decided to try making it tonight for my dearest husband. Althought its not exactly the same taste as the one we loves, but it's still tasty ;D

If you happen to have a better recipe to share, please post your link here.*^_^*

• 1 pkt French Beans
• dried prawns
• cai po
• red chillis
• salt for taste
• pepper for taste
• 1 clove of garlic

1. Put the French Beans in boiling water for 30sec, drain and set aside

2. Heat up the pan, add in oil and fried the garlic till fragrance

3. Stir fried the dried prawns for about 3-minutes

4. Add in the cai po, chilli and French Beans

5. Add salt & pepper to taste, dish up and serve while hot

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