02 January 2014

Happy Avenue Cakes & Cookies

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Happy Avenue was officially launched on 8 February 2013 and since Judy has sold more than 10,000 cupcakes.

Judy started baking in July 2012 for fund raising to help a needy family who need help to pay the mum's medical bills and to have better nourishing meals for her. Orders still continued to stream in after the successful fund raising. This has motivate her to learn baking and frosting professionally.

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Happy Avenue Cakes & Cookies is named after a road name at MacPherson. She wants her treats to make people happy just like the road name.

Kueh Lapis
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Comes in flavours of four Signature Nutella, Plain, Prune, Chocolate Chip. The idea of having nutella spread across and scatter chocolate chips in the traditional kueh lapis is exciting and tempting.

Plain Kueh Lapis @ $55.00 (1.2kg) / $30.00 (600g)
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The plain lapis is lighter in taste compare to most as Judy dislike the strong eggy and buttery taste. This will bring excitement to those who wants to cut low on the calories.

Prune Kueh Lapis @ $55.00 (1.2kg) / $30.00 (600g)
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Same as the plain but with prunes.

Signature Nutella @ $60.00 (1.4kg) / $35.00 (700g)
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Judy is a chocolate lover, she dislike the plain (eggy & buttery) and prune, so a creation for chocolate lapis was made. After many fail trails, she manage to perfect the recipe with a secret ingredient and maintaining the moisture plus a beautiful balance of egg and butter.

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- Due to overwhelming orders, loose sales of cupcakes are not available until April 2014.
- 1-2 months advance notice for ordering an array of flavours.
- Bulk orders require a min of 50 pcs.
- Island-wide delivery at $20 per location excluding offshore and Tuas.

Signature Valrhona Triple Dark
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Dark chocolate cake, dark chocolate chips and topped with dark chocolate ganache. All made out of Valrhona dark chocolate!! Chocolate lovers will surely love this!

Vanilla Lemon Cream
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Red Velvet
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Choc Peanut Butter
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Choc Salted Caramel
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Choc Brazilian Coffee
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Vanilla Strawberry
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Mixed flavours box : 9 regulars $33.50 12 regulars $44.00 9 minis $29.00 20 minis $62.00

One flavor box : 9 regulars $30.00 12 regulars $40.00 9 minis $27.00 20 minis $60.00

Customisations :   - Cream tinting FOC
                         - Toppers $1.00 per pc
                         - Fondant $1.50 per pc
                         - Box + Ribbon + Tag $1.50 per set

Festive Cookies (Only available during Christmas and Chinese New Year)

Valrhona Chocolate Cookies $30 A premium bake, lightly dusted with snow sugar and highly addictive! Excellent for chocolate cravings and definitely will comfort those PMS moments Chocolatey yet light enough for non-stop popping!

Lavender Shortbread $25 For flora-tea lovers! Laced with dried lavender flowers and a tinge of lemon essential oil, this fragrant shortbread melts in your mouth and leaves a calming therapeutic effect. Best of all, it’s egg free so it’s vegan-friendly!

Cornflake Cookies $25 Each little golden bite is enveloped in crunchy cornflakes and laced with lemon essential oil for that refreshing aftertaste, so perfect with a cup of tea

Cranberry Oatmeal Chunk $25 A healthy less sweet cookie which you can pop all day without guilt! Each bite is a delicious chunk generously wrapped with cranberries, crunchy outside but still chewy inside from the oat flakes

Hershey's Dark Chocolate Chip $25 Also a healthy less sweet buttery crunch, each pop full of Hershey's Dark Chocolate Chips. You can't stop at one!

Chewy Caramel Nougat Cookies $25 Highly addictive and a proven MEN's favourite! Nibbles of caramel and nougat infused into a light buttery chewy crunch, it's definitely one of a kind.

Check out more on Happy Avenue on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/happi.avenue

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