10 May 2013

CocoNurture Coconut Products


Coconurture carries a full line of coconut products such as confectionery, food, shampoo, and massage oils. They are Cold - pressed, Unrefined, Genuine and Organic.

What is the different of organic virgin coconut oil and the normal cooking oil? The organic virgin coconut oil is chemical and additive free making it the purest form of coconut oil. It can be an replacement for butter.lard in its solid form - greasing pans, pie crusts etc. Replacement for various oils in liquid form for baking, cooking, sauteing, etc. Added to smoothies as nutritional supplement.

Organic Premium Culinary Virgin Coconut Oil
Produced from freshly matured traditional coconut, without added chemical, enzyme, preservatives. Virgin coconut oil is one of the few oils that is not damaged when heated to temperatures used in cooking, frying, and baking. Corn, soy, sunflower, canola, and safflower oils undergo detrimental changes when heated to cooking, frying, or baking temperatures.

Organic Ultra Light Virgin Coconut Oil
It has light coconut taste and aroma that's great for salads and cooking. Consuming virgin coconut oil, whether cooked or not, helps protect you from cancer, heart disease, and many degenerative and autoimmune diseases. It also strengthens your immune system, helps you lose weight if you need to, and improves digestion.

Use the coconut oil in cooking to promotes a healthy heart and maintains normal cholesterol levels. It also has a nice fragrance, taste and anti-oxidants.

Organic Coconut Sugar 100% Natural Sweetener
As replacement for Cane Sugar or just like other sweetener. Used in coffee, juice, baking, cake, pastries and other cooking.

The products are not available at any supermarkets but you can purchase them conveniently at their online store @

We have used them for our cooking, baking and smoothie. They don't leave any odor like some vegetable oil and it adds an extra fragrant to it. Organic coconut oil - your healthier choice of oil for cooking and baking.

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