02 April 2014

My Awesome Cafe


My Awesome Cafe 真棒堂
Venue: 202 Telok Ayer, Singapore 068630
Contact: +65 8428 0102
Opening Hours: Mon, Tue: 7:45am till 9:00pm | Wed to Fri: 7:45am till 12:00am | Weekend: 10:00am till 3:00pm
Website: www.myawesomecafe.com 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/myawesomecafesingapore

- The Shop
A new hipster cafe settling within a pre-war conservation shophouse that used to house Telok Ayer Chung Hwa Free Clinic was open in February 2014.

The industrial theme cafe has high ceiling structure with cement walls and floor, big bulbs and metallic fans each generate soft wind that renders an ambient of sitting in an open air environment.


Old school wooden table and metal chairs and a couple of interesting high table & chairs with water pipe connector leg (no, im kidding, they are just red rustic metal pipes).


And lots of vintage knick knacks like letter box, power ranger etc display in the shop.


Helmed by Franck Hardy, former director of various hotels F&B in Singapore and London.


“Life has to be awesome because we only live once” that’s how the cafe name came about. For awesome people, to enjoy awesome food and has an awesome life!

- The Food
Pineapple Crunch @ $8.00
Fresh pineapple blends with crunch ice. Refreshing, rich and soft, what is missing is the sweet scent (maybe due to the season).

Latte @ $4.50
Blend of beans from Colombia, Brazil and Sumatra.

Spicy Beef Sandwich @ $14.00
The spices mixed in the beef are bought from Thailand. It’s tangy and leaving a light note of spice tickling your palate. Salad dressing is a homemade recipe from Franck’s grandma. The bread was a little firmer and less soft than I would have liked. Maybe we had spend too much on picture taking =(

Quiche ¼ + Salad @ $9.50
The savoury crust was lightly buttery, crisp and moist, with a filling of shredded carrot and creamy egg custard. It will be irresistible if there is some oozing cheese to go along.

My Awesome Salad @ $15.00
Mesclun salad, smoked salmon, herbs chicken breast, duck rillettes, avocado & tomato (add $3 for Brie or Goat Cheese)
Loves the freshly ground basil pesto on the bread, then again, the bread was a little firmer and less soft than I would have liked. Finding it difficult to chew, perhaps we had spend too much time picture taking (again). The greens are flown in three times a week from Australia, other produce are handpicked from Tiong Bahru market.

Terrine of tiny shreds of tender, succulent duck melded together, with generous mesclun, salty smoked salmon and herbs chicken breast (that is dry). Oh, did we tell you that the salad dressing is a homemade recipe from Franck’s grandma!

Upside Down Mango Cake @ $5.00
Homemade dessert served on vintage amber glassware. Very moist and soft but too sweet for my liking.

Brownie @ $5.00
Not the fudgey brownie, more to a cakey texture. Dry cracked crust, slightly moist with a deep chocolate flavor. These rich and chocolaty  are homemade too!

- My Opinion
Everything here is homemade, even the cakes and pastry. We were told that the cafe is restricted to using microwave and oven as they can’t do any cooking.

The nostalgia interior is alluring, everyone who walk passes will definitely stop down. But I am not sure if I am as attracted to their food as to the ambience. This is partially I am not a pastry and sandwich lover and the food are pretty decent to me.

Ps: this is not a tasting invite.

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