13 August 2011

The Soup Spoon - Simply Souperb!

The Soup Spoon - Wholesome Soups From The Heart
Venue: 302 Tiong Bahru Road, #01-55 Tiong Bahru Plaza, S'168732
Website: http://www.thesoupspoon.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thesoupspoon

- The Shop
The Soup Spoon was first established in June 2002 at Raffles City Shopping Centre by a trio of soup loving entrepreneurs. The trio managed to start the culture soup using the freshest and most succulent ingredients (NO MSG!!) and expanded to 12 branches with Tiong Bahru Plaza as the newest outlet.

The Soup Spoon has something for everyone with scrumptious lip-smacking soups, tasty sandwiches, salads and sides. Beside the daily selections soup and a revolving menu of other varieties, they have different Chef Specials every month too. Do visit their Soup Menu section to get the latest update.

- The Food (Daily Selection)
Tangy Tomato with Basil (Vegetarian) @ $6.10
Tangy Tomato w/ Basil @ $6.10
The vegetarian puree of roasted tomatoes and basil is creamy with a tinge of red. It slides down the throat with smoothness, first tasting tangy and then slightly spicy... leaving a warm tingling after taste. It's best to go along with Garlicky Foccacia (garlic bread).

Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff (Vegetarian) @ $7.30
Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff @ $7.30
Overpowering with the aroma of mushrooms may be too rich and filing for some. But mushroom lover should not give this a miss! The generous mushroom bits and creamy soup is comforting especially on a rainy day.

Tokyo Chicken Stew @ $7
Tokyo Chicken Stew @ $7
The clear and delicate soup base with chicken marinated in a broth of sake and mirin with an assortment of oriental vegetables is delectable. The simple and authentic soup certainly brought back memory and make me nostalgic. It's my all time favourite!!

Smoked Salmon Sandwich @ $9.90
Smoked Salmon Sandwich @ $9.90
The big portion and filling sandwich has nothing to rave about. The smoked salmon somehow tasted very artificial and dry. Having said that, this dish has receive a lot of good review from others. Perhaps it's just our unlucky day. If you are famish, their sandwich is certainly a good choice.

Indochine Prawn Wrap @ $9.90
Indochine Prawn Wrap @ $9.90
The crunchy big prawns wrap is tasty & zesty, thanks to the refreshing taste of the Kaffir lime. Tasty peanut sesame dressing along with water chestnut and other vegetables make it more delicious just the way it is. - My all time favourite (minus the coriander!).

Thai Vermicelli Salad @ $8.30
Thai Vermicelli Salad @ $8.30
This salad brings together a delicious marriage of lemongrass chicken, vermicilli, water chestnut, celery, coriander, carrot, cherry tomato and snow pea sprout. It can be served as a complete meal on its own or as a additional side dishes to your soup. The sauce may be too acid-ing to some but it's still an excellent salad to stimulate one’s appetite.

- The Food (Chef Specials for August 2011)
French Ratatouille (Vegetarian soup) @ $6.80
French Ratatouile @ $6.80
The little soury sweet stew is thick with wide array of colourful chunky vegetables like Potatoes, carrots, French beans, eggplant, cauliflower, zucchini and fresh peas married with plump and juicy tomatoes stewed to tender perfection and seasoned with fresh herbs. Indeed lavish yet nutritious. The soup is good without the small portion of sour cream too.

A Mid Summer Night's Beef Stew @ $7.90
A Mid Summer's Night Beef Stew @ $7.90
Inspired by Shakespeare, the stew was created to commemorate the opening of Soup Spoon at Ion Orchard in 2009.

It's a pot of simmering soup begins with a generous portions of tender hearty beef coaxed with the help of aromatics, wine, fresh herbs, tomatoes, and white beans into a flavourful stew that is rich, thick and a gorgeous red hue.

The liquorices taste and citrus flavour is well liked by most of my friends. In short, the stew is bursting with flavour. :)

Braised Chicken with Wolfberries and Daun Salam @ $7.60
Braised Chicken @ $7.60
Inspired from SouperChef's Hainanese and Malay background, she uses woflberries and red dates which is commonly found in Chinese herbal soups for its liver protection properties and daun salam and chilli mostly found in Malay/Indonesia dishes for its' flavour and anti-aging properties. The combination create an unique taste to the palette.

In case you are curious by the yellowish colour of the soup, this is due to use of turmeric.

Wait, did I just say this soup has anti-aging properties? Wonder if it will do anything to the fine lines on our faces? Ladies, we should have this everyday!!

- My Opinion
The Soup Spoon serves consistently fresh and robust flavorful food in a casual atmosphere. Unfortunately most of the outlets are usually cramped up and packed leaving diners in a eat-and-go situation.

Nonetheless, SouperChef Anna Lim is always very generous with the ingredients. I must say she has gain a faithful "regular crowd" which I think I am one of them. (shh, tell you a secret, I even own a souperholic loyalty card. If you loves soup like me, check out the benefit from the Souperholic Club programme on how to earn and redeem anything off the menu with sufficient points. ;)

Whet your appetite with healthier option at The Soup Spoon!

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