29 December 2011

the.Dyak (Restaurant in Kuching, Sarawak)


Venue: Sub-Lot 29, Ground Floor, Panovel Commercial Complex, Jalan Simpang Tiga, Kuching 93300
Contact: +6082 234-068
Opening Hours: Daily 12.00pm - 11.00pm (last order at 9.30pm) (Closed on Sundays)
Website: http://www.facebook.com/the.Dyak

- The Shop
The multi-tier chandeliers lighting and the contemporary furnitures make the restaurant look atas (high class in Singlish) giving us the impression that the bill will cost us a pretty penny. Beautiful photos of the owner's late great grandmother, families and the Dayaks on the wall and those stunning display of Dayak earthenware vases gives you some history of the restaurant's background. The nostalgic glow from the antique kerosen table lamp on every table adds a loving feel to your dining experience.

the.Dyak decor

Mr Vernon Kedit a Iban open this Dyak restaurant with the passed on recipe from his late great grandmother. The food is a mix of Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu cuisine. His parent were Dayak and he grew up in Kuching. Thou he had work in Singapore for few years, he decided to come back to Kuching with his parent for retirement.


He is one humble cheerful boss that loves to share his culture and family history background. He loves to eat and used to had a blog too but unfortunately he doesn't have the time to maintain and had closed down after being one of the top blog in Malaysia. Then he open a restaurant instead of blogging about them!

- The Food
Mr Kedit does the food quality control himself by ordering some dishes on the behalf of his "friends". He will check if the food are cooked and served within a timeframe and taste the food if they are maintain at his expectation.

Mango Frizz @ RM ? (forget to check the price!)
the.Dyak - Mango Frizz
I didn't get to enjoy the drink as I was busy shooting and my friends kept rushing me to eat the food. After meal, I was rushing to eat the ice cream before it melt and enjoy the dessert rice wine slowly. And I forget about my drink!!

Daun Ubi Randau Guring @ RM 10.00
Sweet potato leaves sauteed with garlic, desiccated coconut, chillies & dried shrimps.
Daun Ubi Randau Guring @ RM 10.00
The desiccated coconut and dried shrimps makes it really tasty. It's so delicious that we ordered a 2nd serving!

Manuk Lulun @ RM 18.00
Chicken cooked in bamboo with tapioca leaves; a dish commonly known as Pansoh.
Manuk Lulun @ RM 18.00
The tapioca leaves add a unique blend to the chicken and the sauce with the white rice are hunky-dory.

Jani Tunu @ RM 18.00
Grilled three layered pork served with Chef's special sambal sauces.
Jani Tunu @ RM 18.00
The three layer is the fattier pork belly (a nice fatty layer, a meat layer and a layer that is meat marbled with fat). The grilled pork is succulent, the sambal is fragrant and a little spicy - it's a perfect match!

Tilapia Lempis @ RM 25.00
Tilapia garnished with ginger & chillies wrapped in turmeric leaf and steam-baked Dayak style.
Tilapia Lempis @ RM 25.00
The fresh fish is steam in a simple yet delish way. Half the fish was gone in less than 5-min!

Tuak Iced Cream @ RM 7.00
Two scoops of vanilla flavoured ice cream topped with crashed nuts & drizzled generously with fine tuak (rice wine)
Tuak Iced Cream @ RM 7.00
This has a stronger tuak taste compare to Asi Manis Ice Cream, yet light in taste.

Asi Manis Iced Cream @ RM 7.00
Cold fermented rice also known as tapai sandwiched between scoops of vanilla flavoured iced cream topped with crushed nuts.
Asi Manis Iced Cream @ RM 7.00
The bites of cold fermented rice make it enjoyable chewing together with the ice cream. I can't decide which is better, both the Tuak iced cream are equally yummy!! I will love this one slightly more because of the cold fermented rice. ;d

Tuak Mansau Stambak Ulu @ RM 8.00 (per glass)
Tuak Mansau Stambak Ulu @ RM 8.00
The is the BEST rice wine I had tasted out of the four in Kuching! I love the flora sweetness and the best part, its complimentary from the boss!

*PS, all the above food we ordered are the Chef recommendation on the menu and I too will recommend them. ;D

- My Opinion
We enjoyed the food & ambiance. Service was pleasant, crews are friendly and price are reasonable thou the serving size is a little small for all but you can order more food to try different dish.

Even your stomach is too full, never give a missed to their Tuak Mansau Stambak Ulu (dessert rice wine) and the Tuak ice cream because it's SUPERB!

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